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Landia Collection allows you to treat yourself, while simultaneously making a difference. We donate to two charities: AWI and CAMH. It is a guarantee that $5.00 from every single piece of jewelry sold will be directly donated to one of these charities. While selecting your jewelry, you are able to see which product purchased supports which charity. 
Animal Welfare Institute 
The Animal Welfare Institute focuses on reducing suffering to animals caused by humans. They work on an impressive number of focused problem areas including animals in laboratories, companion animals, farm animals, marine life, and wildlife. If you're like us and have a hard time choosing which area of animal welfare to donate to, you will truly appreciate The Animal Welfare Institute. They have continuously received an A+ rating from CharityWatch because of their financial transparency and responsibility. 90% of donations that the charity receives go directly towards their program expenses. Landia Collection couldn't be happier supporting such an ideal charity. Your donations truly make a difference and we are so thankful to you!
To visit their website for more details, please click here.
 CAMH Foundation

Every year, one in five Canadians experiences mental illness. At Landia, mental health is near and dear to our hearts. Supporting a local mental health foundation was a must for us. Located in Toronto, Ontario, CAMH is Canada’s largest mental health hospital, providing care and hope for recovery to people living with mental illness. CAMH is also a global leader in mental health research, collaborating and sharing knowledge to help people around the world. Donations to CAMH Foundation support life-saving care, research and education at the hospital and drive much-needed change for mental health. Your gift will help create a world in which everyone believes that mental health is health. Thank you!
To visit their website for more details, please click here.