About Us

Welcome to Landia Collection!
My name is Annika Boron and I’m the founder of Landia Collection. I started my business to help women feel empowered. I always feel most confident when I put together a jewelry look and I've always had an eye for jewelry rather than clothes. I love how I can wear anything or nothing and jewelry still makes me feel decorated. It gives me a sense of self expression and freedom that is unlike any other accessory. I've always invested in jewelry pieces and wanted to create my own that were of the highest quality and not at an over-the-top price. Not only is Landia jewelry beautiful and elegant, but it’s also designed and made in Canada using only fine materials. We work closely with a family-run jeweller in Toronto. Everything is handmade other than a few components that we outsource from the United States and Italy. I wanted to steer away from cheap jewelry that easily breaks and is unethically sourced, and create pieces that will last you forever. The name "Landia" was inspired by my Polish and Icelandic heritage. In Polish, "Iceland" is "Islandia." From there, I took "Landia" which reminds me of nature. It was very important to me that my business would give back. $5 from every piece sold is donated towards charitable causes. Please visit charities to get a full rundown on which charities we donate to. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for a gift, we guarantee that Landia Collection will exceed your jewelry wants and needs. From there I recently launched my ethical and eco-friendly Landia swimwear. I want to encourage people to buy fewer products that are higher quality and choose responsible options. Our pieces are simple, flattering, sexy, and sustainable. Made to match perfectly with your Landia jewelry. Please do not hesitate to ask our team any questions you may have. I hope you love your new jewelry and swimwear as much as I enjoyed creating it for you :)