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Viking Hoops - 14k yellow gold filled
Viking Hoops - 14k yellow gold filled
Viking Hoops - 14k yellow gold filled

Viking Hoops - 14k yellow gold filled

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$5 from this piece will be donated to our monthly charity 


*these earrings are sold as a pair


Our Viking Hoops are the perfect sexy staple piece to give you a boost of confidence. Representing strength and power, these hoops will make you feel beautiful and strong. Check out the Viking Necklace to match! 


*What's the difference between gold filled and gold plated? Ears can be sensitive, we get it! We decided to use gold filled hoops rather than plated. Gold filled is a much thicker layer of gold than just gold plated. It lasts longer, doesn't tarnish nearly as quickly, and most importantly doesn't irritate ears as much as plated gold. The pendant will not have direct contact with your piercing, so that is made with 14k yellow gold plated sterling silver. The actual hoop is gold filled. The base is brass. 


  • 14k yellow gold plated sterling silver pendant
  • 14k yellow gold filled brass hoop *if you have an allergy to brass, please do not purchase
  • 15mm 2.3mm hoop



Gold filled can wear away over time. If you’re not into the “worn out” look, please remove before showering and sweating to help prevent this. When not being worn, please close the clasp to avoid breakage, bends, and loss of the pendant. Store in your Landia pouch to keep safe!